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Have you ever received a wine club shipment and when you try the wine you’re disappointed? It probably wasn’t ‘bad wine’ just not your style. TastingRoom.com eliminates the disappointment factor. Their team is made up of these Celebrity Chefs, Sommeliers and award winning Wine Makers: Carol Shelton, Mario Batali, Gary Vaynerchuck, Kerry Damskey, Rajat Parr, and Michael Chiarello. With this team you can be assured you are getting top quality, sterling examples of the varietal of your choice.

A Taste Adventure
Pinot Noir 6 Flight

Here is how it works, select your varietal and you’ll receive a flight of 6-1.7oz bottles of wine complete with winery profile and tasting notes. You taste the wines, pick your favorite, go on-line and order. Basic kits start at $19.95 . Some tasting kits calledsuper-flightsinclude 2 pre-paid bottles! You can also order a ‘by the glass’ kit of 3.4oz bottles so you can enjoy a glass whenever you want without committing to opening an entire bottle. This was such a fun way to taste and explore some new-to-me wines!

My Super Flight was “A taste adventure Pinot Noir 6”

Bargetto ’09 Pinot Noir Santa Cruz Mountains, CA Perfume nose with flavors of berry and dried strawberries. Nice acidity with a dry finish. Needed about 20 minutes to open up, I would decant if pouring from a full bottle. Alcohol 14.1% | $24.95 750ml |

Paul Dolan ’08 Pinot Noir Mendocino County, CA Earthy aromas, light bodied, cherry licorice flavors with a vanilla essence. Finish is not long but ample and smooth. Alcohol 14.5% | $22.99 750 ml |

Carrick ’09 ‘Unravelled’ Pinot Noir Central Otago, New Zealand Deep in color, beautiful perfume aromas with some spice, chocolate and balckcherry flavors. Alcohol 14%  | $29.95 750ml |

Laetitia ’09 Pinot Noir Arroyo Grande Valley, CA Deep red in color with earthy nuances on the nose, cola flavors and creamy finish. Alcohol 14.1% | $24.95 750 ml |

Schug ’09 Pinot Noir Carneros, CA Gem like in the glass, with spellbinding aromas of Pinot Noir perfume essence, with currant, strawberry and spice flavors and a silky finish. A very elegant wine. Alcohol 14% | $23.95 750 ml |

Sequana ’09 Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands, CA  Bursting with aromas of fruits this wine held me captive before the first sip, luscious cherry flavors with some earthiness and an elegant finish. A spectacular varietal example. Alcohol 13.9% | $29.95 750 ml |

If you are on my gift list this year for a ham or a fruit cake you can breathe a sigh of relief because you’ll be getting one of these flights instead! Let me know which flight you would select!

Many thanks to the team at TastingRoom.com for providing the wine. Visit them on the web at www.tastingroom.com   Facebook    Twitter @TastingRoomCom  YouTube


About Wine Everyday

Eileen Gross is a 1983 Graduate of Fordham University and retired Financial Professional and Founder of Phillips Charitable Foundation, Inc. Annapolis, Maryland. She is wine lover, traveler, and collector who shares her wine experiences with private wine tastings and on her blog “Wine Everyday." She is a member of the Society of Wine Educators, The Wine Century Club and a contributor the former 12Most.com.
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9 Responses to TastingRoom.com ~ Explore the world of wines, one taste at a time

  1. Joy says:

    Christmas & Holiday Gift Buying in August! What a perfect way to de-stress the upcoming holidays. I must admit to also buying several for our home to enjoy this fall with those inevitable college football fans who seem to descend on our house each for year for the weekend of the big game (or truth be told, any weekend for any game)!

  2. Laura says:

    That sounds so cool! can’t wait to try it!

  3. Renee Dobbs says:

    What great info!! I’m checking them out to see if they ship to Georgia.

  4. Cliff says:

    Nice post. I also received a sampler from TastingRoom.com and have a blog written, just haven’t posted it yet.

  5. Sounds like a cool concept. Now only if they would ship to PA…

  6. MK says:

    All Flights are good with me, Kris Kringle !

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