“Boom Varietal: The Rise of Argentine Malbec”

Boom VarietalA documentary produced by Rage Productions explores the question “What has made Argentinean Malbec so popular?” Some think the boom is a result of wine drinkers latching on to the wine-of-the-moment, similar to their fascination with Merlot, those folks are now turning to Malbec. Others explain this boom by the change in the political and economic environment in Argentina which has opened the doors for the world to see (and taste) that the Malbec grape has finally found its home in Argentina.

Whatever the true reason for the boom, there is no mistaking that Malbec is the darling wine of Argentina and is being embraced by wine drinkers everywhere.

The documentary takes us to the countryside and jaw dropping landscapes of Argentina. The soothing music sets the scene for the pleasant journey. With some English sub-titles, the interviews with winemakers capture their passion and dedication to their art. The naysayers in this film try to convince us that the rise of Malbec is not as a result of quality produced wine but is a passing fad.

The 70 minute movie is playing at select forums around the United States. Try to see it and form your own opinion on what has made this a “Boom Varietal.” It may just make you want to reach for a glass of Malbec and your passport!

Follow them on Facebook to find a showing near you, and watch the trailer on You Tube.

Thank you to Rage Productions, Inc for the Advance Press Copy of this film.

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Eileen Gross is a 1983 Graduate of Fordham University and retired Financial Professional and Founder of Phillips Charitable Foundation, Inc. Annapolis, Maryland. She is wine lover, traveler, and collector who shares her wine experiences with private wine tastings and on her blog “Wine Everyday." She is a member of the Society of Wine Educators, The Wine Century Club and a contributor the former 12Most.com.
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2 Responses to “Boom Varietal: The Rise of Argentine Malbec”

  1. Renee Dobbs says:

    I really enjoy Malbec and the ones from Argentina. It is one of my go-to wines. I will have to see if the documentary is playing in my area or else wait for it to come on video or TV.

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