12 Most Thoughtful Gifts for the Wine Lover on Your Holiday List

Heavenly Peace~Leanne Laine

Heavenly Peace ~ Leanne Laine

There are so many gadgets and gizmos on the market today that you can find just the right gift for the wine lover on your holiday list (aside from bottles of wine). Many are small enough for stocking stuffers!

1. Wine glasses

Well, they probably have dozens of glasses, but do they have the right glasses? Yes, glasses matter! The shape, size and glass quality play an important role in how the wine will taste. And, if you’ve ever broken a few glasses, you can appreciate a box of fresh glasses under the tree. My personal favorite is Riedel.

2. Decanter

Young wine is decanted to allow the wine to breath, evolve and improve. Older wine is decanted to remove the sediment. Some folks pour boxed wine into a beautiful decanter to serve it more gracefully. Whatever the purpose, a wine lover can never have enough glasses or decanters!

3. Wine bottle travel sleeves

If your wine lover travels and is always trying to find clever ways of packing wine bottles, get them these ingenious little wine pouches. They are designed for air travel (not carry on). Look for Bottle Guard Neoprene Wine Protector or Wine Hug Self-inflating protective travel pouch about $25

4. Books & e-books

My favorite book on wine is “The Wine Bible” by Karen MacNeil. At over 900 pages, this book is an amazing guide on the history of wine, the grapes, the regions and much more. As a resource book it’s fantastic, no wine lover should be with out it!

5. Corkscrew

A corkscrew seems pretty basic, and maybe they already have one. But, the right corkscrew makes all the difference when you are standing over a bottle struggling to get at the wine! The Waiters Corkscrews are used in restaurants and are the most reliable.

6. Wine cellar

If your wine lover isn’t lucky enough to have an entire room devoted to their wine storage, then it’s time to consider going for broke and getting them a wine cellar. They come in all sizes, ranging from 6 bottles to storing over 300. Buy the biggest one you can fit in your space. You WILL fill it, trust me.

7. Aerator

Using an aerator to open young wine is important if you don’t have time to let it sit in a decanter. There are so many on the market now, small and portable to bring to your favorite BYOB or an aerator tower stand that sits on your counter. Either way, they aren’t expensive, and the little ones make a great stocking stuffer.

8. Vacuum sealer

Yes, there is such a thing as left over wine. Some folks freeze the leftovers in little ice cube trays to use later. I use the Wine Bottle Vacuum Sealer Pump and have had a lot of success with it. It’s priced at around $10. If your wine lover already has a vacuum sealer remember you can never have enough fresh stoppers. Yes, the stoppers do wear out.

9. Gourmet food treats

Let’s face it, food and wine go hand in hand. Wine lovers love to nibble on gourmet cheeses, chocolates and specialty crackers. Why not put together a basket and toss in a bottle of their favorite wine!

10. Wine club subscription

Wine clubs have been around forever. Unfortunately some push whatever wine they can get their hands on. Skip all that and go directly to the vineyard and sign your wine lover up for a year’s subscription to their favorite winery. Chances are they ship a few bottles four times per year. This is the gift that keeps giving all year long!

11. Artwork

We can’t always be drinking wine, but we can have it hanging around us all the time! Check out artwork from this hot artist Leanne Laine  for some extraordinary works of art at a variety of price points.

12. Wine aroma kit

If your wine lover is forever asking “What is this aroma I sensing?” it’s time to get them an aroma kit. These kits come with small vials, and look something like a little science project. Along with a guide book, it can help identify those lovely aromas emitting from the glass.

Whatever holiday your family celebrates during this season of giving, putting thought into the gift is the most important thing. Cheers!

Written by Eileen Gross, WineEveryday  Originally published on 12most.com Republished with permission, courtesy of 12 Most  Photo courtesy of Leanne Laine


About Wine Everyday

Eileen Gross is a 1983 Graduate of Fordham University and retired Financial Professional and Founder of Phillips Charitable Foundation, Inc. Annapolis, Maryland. She is wine lover, traveler, and collector who shares her wine experiences with private wine tastings and on her blog “Wine Everyday." She is a member of the Society of Wine Educators, The Wine Century Club and a contributor the former 12Most.com.
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4 Responses to 12 Most Thoughtful Gifts for the Wine Lover on Your Holiday List

  1. I agree Renee, Karen MacNeils’ The Wine Bible is an invaluable source for wine lovers. I’ll buy my next one in Nook format when it’s available.Cheers!

  2. Renee says:

    The Wine Bible was the first wine book I bought and is still the most used! That to me is the ultimate gift to a new wine lover, or the the crazy wine lover who does not own it yet! Great list!

  3. Tom Riley says:

    Thank you for writing my Christmas list for me. I am forwarding this to my wife right now! I’d like one of each, and maybe a nice leather satchel to carry a few bottles to parties. Good work, Eileen.

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