Celebrate Regional Wine week with the wines of New York State ~ my 47 words on the other 47

Regional Wine Week runs thru Saturday, October 15th. To celebrate, the group “Drink Local” has invited everyone to submit essays on wine regions other than California, Oregon or Washington. Essay requirements are 47 words on the other 47 states.  I choose New York.

New York’s wine regions of Lake Eire, Finger Lakes, Hudson Valley and Long Island possess distinct influences from the lakes, river and ocean they adjoin. Vineyards take on the essence of their surroundings to give the wine it’s ‘sense of place’. They are to be enjoyed worldwide.

 Cheers all!


About Wine Everyday

Eileen Gross is a 1983 Graduate of Fordham University and retired Financial Professional and Founder of Phillips Charitable Foundation, Inc. Annapolis, Maryland. She is wine lover, traveler, and collector who shares her wine experiences with private wine tastings and on her blog “Wine Everyday." She is a member of the Society of Wine Educators, The Wine Century Club and a contributor the former 12Most.com.
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