An Independence Day Thank You Celebration!

This weekend marks the 235th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the British Colonies in North America from Great Britain. The American Revolution War was, in essence, a global war between the European powers, fought on (then) British Soil, now, the good-ole USA.

Ok, so why the history lesson, this is supposed to be a wine blog!!! Well, in celebration of the 4th of July this Monday, today, we are giving a big thank you to the French for their part in the victory of our Independence. Thanks also go out to Spain and the Dutch Republic!

So, today we celebrate with a fantastic bottle of Chablis;

Domaine Chatelain Chablis, Burgundy France

2009 Domaine Chatelain. Georgeous straw color with lively lemon and mineral essence on the nose. Going in for a taste, there is a lot of fresh fruit, melon and lemon zest. The dry clean finish is unmistakably one of a quality Chablis.

Chablis is the region in Burgundy, France which exclusively grows Chardonnay grapes. The soil is packed with fossilized oyster shells which give the grapes the stoney, mineral flit character that make Chablis wine so distinctive.

If you are planning to explore Chablis wine, please, please, concentrate on French Chablis. Time and marketing has led other world wine producers to label any white wine Chablis, which may only mean that it has not been set in oak barrels. Any grapes could be used in those wines. When you encounter a Chablis from another region, flip that bottle over, and see what gapes are used. If it’s not Chardonnay, pass on it.

Paring with this beautiful bottle of Chablis,

Nicoise Salad

we are having a traditional Niçoise salad (pronounced ni’swaz). Beautiful grilled tuna steak with fresh salad, hard boiled eggs, French potato salad topped with Champagne Vinaigrette dressing.

Vive la America!

Domaine L. Chatelain

Chablis, Burgundy, France

$20 at Corridor Wine & Spirits, Laurel, Maryland


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2 Responses to An Independence Day Thank You Celebration!

  1. yummm! i will have to look for a chablis for my picnic on the eiffle tower! miss you!

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