Eastmoor Hills Estate Cabernet Sauvignon ~ an Exceptional wine from ‘Good Works Wine Club’

These days Cabernets, like many Chardonnays, have been trying way to hard to stand out from the pack. I am tired of over oaked Chardonnays and wildly tannin, over the top, Cabernets. Sometimes more is just wrong. I was very happy to see that this bottle of Eastmoor Hills Meritage Cabernet Sauvignon  from Columbia Valley, Washington, was not among those over done Cabernets.

There were some ‘super tannins’ on first sip suggesting some decanting was in order.  While decanting this beauty, I took in the lovely aromas of delicate floral and clove. In the decanter this wine had the perfect glow of a deep dense garnet. Glasses now poured, this wine presents a bit of wild black cherry and clove, tannins, now calmed down, allow for a perfectly balanced finish.

The low acidity of this wine allow for sipping alone, but we paired this bottle with an array of tapas including cold sliced filet mignon, artesian olives and an array of cheeses.

This is a crowd pleasing, high quality wine that will satisfy the most discerning wine drinker in your circle.

Lee Topham and Lorn Razzano did an outstanding job on sourcing this wine for their Eastmoor Hills Estate label.  Lee and Lorn source and taste hundreds of wines, selecting only a few which are privileged to wear their private label. They offer these superior wines to you at huge discounts and donate to national charities with every purchase.

Visit their website to order this wine, and to see the “Good Works” they do to give back to charities.

Price $29  * (special discounts apply from time to time)

Alcohol  13.5%

Available from http://www.goodworkswineclub.com

* this wine was provided as a trade sample


About Wine Everyday

Eileen Gross is a 1983 Graduate of Fordham University and retired Financial Professional and Founder of Phillips Charitable Foundation, Inc. Annapolis, Maryland. She is wine lover, traveler, and collector who shares her wine experiences with private wine tastings and on her blog “Wine Everyday." She is a member of the Society of Wine Educators, The Wine Century Club and a contributor the former 12Most.com.
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